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Guts and gas galore inside nature’s giants

This might be the best programme that has been on TV. Ever. Yes, yes we all know The Wire is amazing but did The Wire have someone literally scrabbling around in the innards of a whale? Thought not.

Inside Nature’s Giants, screened on C4 in July 2009, was an amazing natural history programme describing the anatomy and inner workings of the largest animals on earth; an elephant, a crocodile, a whale and a giraffe. Hosted by veterinary surgeon Mark Evans, aided by the very enthusiastic comparative anatomist Dr. Joy Reidenberg (she’s the one that gets, literally, knee-deep in whale bits), and with gleeful comments on evolution by Richard Dawkins. This was a jaw-dropping documentary on how these animals have evolved and how each part of the animal works.

OK it is full of gore..…and gas (dead animals give off one hell of a fug), but the programme had me hooked for a whole month; mixing straight up science with expert enthusiasm and all for our televisual entertainment.

It might not be to everyone’s taste but if you’ve ever mused on how giraffes live with such long necks (and how they fight each other with them!!!) or just how big an elephant’s intestines are….then this is the programme for you (a surreptitious google and you’ll find it in no time on the inter-web). Plus, you get to enlighten your friends and family with all manner of “did you know…” anecdotes. I did anyway! Go on. Watch it.


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