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Cut those carbon emissions

At the start of September the 10:10 campaign was launched to get people and organisations in Britain to pledge to cut their carbon emissions by 10% by 2010. The campaign is the brainchild of Franny Armstrong, director of the climate change film “The Age of Stupid”. It’s simple, easy and something we can all do to help tackle climate change rather than sit back, bury our heads in the sand and read J.G. Ballard for tips on a post-apocalyptic lifestyle.

Still unconvinced on the perils of a warmer earth? Don’t quite feel morally obliged to do something yet? Then watch this excellent and informative animation by Leo Murray…it’s time to “Wake Up, Freak Out – then get a grip”. Nuff said.

So here’s a few things we can all do to make ourselves mini eco-warriors:

Fly less, drive less, brave the local bus or train.

Move a bit more; cycle, walk, run, hop jump and skip if you want, from A to B.

Turn down that thermostat then pop on some more jumpers

Get smelly, well not strictly true but have a shower instead of a bath and only run the washing machine when its full.

Make do and mend; step away from the shiny new purchases and listen to that shopper’s guilt for once

Bye bye meat….go veggie at least once a week

Love those leftovers, don’t buy trolleyfuls of food if you’re not going to eat it

10% cut by 2010. Simples.


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